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TCS Plumber Enfield toilet repair and toilet installations

Whatever your toilet problems, TCS Plumber Enfield has the expertise to fix any toilet repair you may have in your

home. Our emergency plumbing team in Enfield have been repairing and installing toilets for the last 20 years. There 

are not many toilet faults that we have not solved before Whether your toilet is clogged - blocked, or not flushing,

the TCS Plumber Enfield can help you. We can help you repair your toilet, providing you with a free, no obligation

quote and a competitively priced service

The most common ones are:
Leaks & Drips (from cistern, pipes,  etc)
Toilet not Flushing, or flushing constantly
Cistern Overflowing
Flexible connector leaking
Ball valve problem
Leaking toilet
Toilet replacement

Don’t spend your money on that leaking toilet, have your Enfield toilet repaired or replaced by our professional

plumbers. No matter the size of the job or type of toilet, you get professional toilet repair & installation service

every time.


toilet repairs and blocked toilet enfield   


How to fix your broken / leaking toilet Enfield
Toilets have a few parts that are prone to failure. One is the flush valve. This is located inside the tank and blocks
passage of water from the tank to the bowl. A worn flush valve can allow water to seep past and into the bowl
which causes the water to continually run trying to refill the tank. A worn valve is noticeable by inspecting it for
damage and also can be determined as the problem if your toilet is constantly running and the water is running
inside the bowl. 
Another typical toilet problem is a broken flush handle or button. A broken flush handle will prevent you from being
able to flush the toilet. Once again, head to your DIY store, pick up a new handle for your toilet model, follow the
simple instructions and replace your toilet handle.
The next problem a toilet may encounter is a damaged fill valve. The fill valve is located within the tank of the toilet.
Its task is to fill the tank after every flush and shut off when the water level in the tank reaches a certain height.
A common problem with modern fill valve is failure to the float attached to the fill valve. This could result in the tank
overfilling or underling or constantly trying to adjust the water level in the tank. Symptoms could include a constantly
running toilet or a toilet that occasionally and unexpectedly runs.
Finally, if you notice water on the ground behind your toilet, your tank is likely leaking. If your tank is leaking, the seal
between the tank and bowl has deteriorated. If you want to fix it yourself simply shut off the water supply, remove
the tank by loosening two bolts on the bottom of the tank and inspect the seals. The rubber seals may be brittle and
leaking. Head to your local DIY store, purchase new seals and install them. Replace the tank, tighten the bolts, turn
the water back on and inspect for leaks.
If you are unsure from the all above please contact your local Enfield plumbing services. Wrongly performing some
of the tasks above can result flooding and serious property damage so if you never had expirience before please call
the professionals.

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